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Muscles Tense From
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Flagstaff Massage Clinic Hours and Location

Front of building

Waiting room

Treatment room

Treatment room


705 N. Leroux Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 707-9761

I am located inside the Flagstaff Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine at 705 N. Leroux Street.


Please park on the street.  The parking lot next to our building is not ours.  Thank you.


Tuesday  10:00 – 7:00
Wednesday    10:00 – 7:00
Thursday    10:00 – 7:00
Friday        10:00 – 7:00
Saturday  10:00 – 4:30

I may be able to accommodate you on other days or at later times.  Please call and ask.

Flagstaff Massage Rates

60/90 Minutes $85/$125
Cash and checks only accepted at this time.

Call Susanne at 928-707-9761

Flagstaff Massage, 705 N. Leroux St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001