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Susanne Runion Testimonials

“Gifted.  Attentive.  Meticulous.  Thorough.  Accommodating.  Healing.  That’s Susanne Runion.  I’ve had massages from close to 20 therapists in locations as diverse as French Polynesia and Washington, DC; for years, I’ve had weekly massages in my home.  Susanne Runion is #1 on the list.  I came to San Francisco to run a marathon, and I wanted a post-race massage by a therapist who would come to my hotel room, so I wouldn’t have to exert any more effort to travel to a studio.  After a careful search, I chose Susanne, and now I’m ready to move to San Francisco so she can become my regular massage therapist.  Not only did Susanne gladly work on a Sunday (race day), but she charged me nothing extra for a Sunday appointment.  She gave me two free samples of a cream that would address my post-race soreness.  Further, her fee is so low that I encouraged her to increase it by at least $10/hour.  She’s worth every cent.”
– Debra Abrams, Virginia

“I first saw Susanne Runion years ago at Meakim and Stern spinal care office. I was getting treatments after a horrible car accident that left me in pain for a solid year. I could barely turn my neck when she started treatment. I was defeated and chronically in pain. My chiropractic adjustments helped, but it was the work of Susanne that saved me. She worked on me every week for a year and paid close attention to where the “source” was. She intuitively knew where to focus and patiently worked through my request. I have not found anyone who knows my body quite like her and I’ve had a lot of work from Esalen to numerous people here in the city. Susanne also became a friend as we got to know each other through so many sessions. She is soothing, calming, and a great human being that actually cares about people’s well being. She has known some of my personal struggles and I’m excited to start hypnotherapy with her soon for smoking and releasing negative patterns in my life. I’ve gone long stretches without her when I feel better and when I return she picks up right where we left off. I’ve recomended everyone I know to her and can’t praise her energy enough. Her office is a spiritual haven I find hard to leave:)
– Melanie S.

It was like when it’s Christmas time, and you get a tree and decorate it and you turn the lights on for the very first time and everything lights up perfectly – that’s how I felt.”
– Michael D, Real Estate Developer

“Susanne’s the best in the city! If you’re like me and consider massages a necessity in life, she won’t let you down. Susanne is amazing. She really should charge more… but don’t tell her I said that! An added bonus – free parking steps away from her office.”
– Amy P.

“Best massage ever. It’s such a relaxing environment and her hands are magic.”
– Steffi Z, Germany

“Susanne Runion is one of the most professional, reliable, massage therapists around. She’ll customize your body work to any particular style you want. Deep tissue, Swedish, Japanese or mixture of any of the above. She’s pleasant to be around and has a large comfortable space in a neighborhood that has plenty of “easy” parking around.”
– Rick M, Construction

“I got in a car accident a few months back, and she has been working on me for about 4 months now. I have gotten massages at some of the finest establishments…and she is by far the BEST! She has this great energy and a wonderful technique that really relaxes the mind, body & spirit. I cant wait until my next visit!”
– TIffany K.

I have been to Susanne 10+ times which says it all! She is very professional and I always feel better after seeing her.
– Marc B, Construction Business Owner

I“Susanne Runion is fantastic, extremely professional and hands down the best massage I’ve had anywhere I traveled to.”
– Jordan G, High Tech Business Owner

“I have been going to Susanne Runion for over 5 years for massage. She does a great job. After each massage I always feel really relaxed. She really listens and tailors my massage to hit my problem areas my like shoulders or lower back. I would highly recommend her!”
– Debra B, Human Resources

“I’ve had massages all over the world. Your work is phenomenal and amazing.”
Rina D, Chicago, IL

“Susanne Runion is a wonderful.  She not only helps to relieve stress but also heals.  On a business trip recently, I injured my neck.  One session with Susanne ended the problem. I always leave a session with Susanne feeling much better than when I came in.”
Paul J, College Professor

“The massage was the best part of my trip.”
– Paul G, New York, NY

“At least once a month I make the time in my busy life (I own and run a restaurant) to unwind and let Susanne Runion do her magic, she is a gifted massage professional who makes my life and probably the lives of people I interact with on a daily basis a much more pleasant experience.”
Eoin O, Restaurant Owner

“Susanne Runion gave me an absolutely amazing and very healing massage.”
-Ashley Z.

“Fantastic, knowledgeable and very together.”
– Tiffany A.

“It was the best massage work I have ever had on my legs.”
-Raj B.

I feel like I have a new arm.”
-Wes A.

“Great massage, great pressure and lower back work.”
-Randy L.

“It was an awesome massage. My shoulder has not felt this good in six months.”
-Lauren W.

Flagstaff Massage Rates

60/90 Minutes $85/$125.

Payment Types Accepted

Cash and Checks only at this time.

Call Susanne at (928) 707-9761

Flagstaff Massage, 705 N. Leroux St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001